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of Video Interaction

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Unleash fan video-replies to your videos

From now on, all your videos are the start of the most personal form of conversation on the internet!

Monetize your audience interaction

Enable your audience to support you with a bid that transfers into a financial transaction as soon as you video-reply to them

Monetizing your audience engagement
has never been easier

Make your (YouTube-) videos interactive with Mosaeek

Simply convert your existing YouTube videos or upload your new content using our generator

Share the interactive videos with your audience

Share your interactive video links in your Instagram bio, your Linktree or YouTube or simply embed the videos directly into your website or other apps such as Thinkific or edX.

Earn money by answering audience questions

By answering the video-replies of your followers each financial bid transforms into a transaction. With only 10% we charge one of the lowest transaction fees in the entire industry!

Got Questions or Requests?

Our teams deeply believes that you earned your following through hard work and expert knowledge. We want to give our best to make this product as useful as possible to you! Don’t hesitate to reach us and let us know what you need!