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Invite viewers and thought leaders to become part of your content

Your audience can submit spontaneous, time-tagged video reactions to your main video.

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As the main creator, you have full power to decide which submitted video replies are worth to be seen by everyone on your page.

Benefit from an interactive and enriching viewing experience

Scroll down to read about the benefits of interactive video on your content - besides being a rockstar, of course.

How will you benefit

Boost your average watch time and time on page

Not satisfied with an industry standard average watchtime of 20 - 30%? The last part of your videos deserves just as much attention as the beginning of your videos! And did you know that interactive elements in your videos can boost your average watchtime by up to 44%. Oh, and we forgot to mention how high Google ranks high average watch time.

Transform your passive viewers into an engaged audience

As much as an experienced public speaker asks his audience questions to increase their interest, you can skyrocket your viewer’s engagement by allowing them to interact with you inside your videos. Industry experts, influencers or your die-hard followers – the possibilities are endless.

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