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Sure you can! Using this link we immediately generate an i-frame code for you and enable you to embed each and every video wherever i-frame integrations are supported. We know for a fact that we are easily integratable with many leading providers, such as Wordpress, Thinkific, edX and others. If you have special requests let us know and we try to make it happen :)

Sure thing! Your video, your rules! You can make your video private while generating it. Only the people you share the link with will have access to the video. If you would like to have enhanced options to ensure privacy, please do not hesitate to let us know over at hello@mosaeek.com. In the future, we plan to integration a subscription fee for your own private community space for a stable monthly income.

While the tool is free to use for everbody, we charge a platform fee for all influencers that use Mosaeek to charge their audiences for their video-replies. Mosaeek charges one of the lowest fees across the entire industry! We are proud to say that for every transaction below 5 USD we are charging a flat platform fee of 0.5 USD, while 10% of all transactions above 5 USD are going directly to Mosaeek. We are using this money to develop more features to support you and your content creation!

Mosaeek is built for influential creators that have built an audience with their blood, sweat and tears. For us it does not matter if you are an artist, an influencer or a business expert as long as you love engaging with your audience and are able to support your living while adding value to the lives of your followers.

Yes, we will! We are favoring to add PayPal and Apple Pay for now. Let us know what else you need!

Yes, we are! We have a great community of early adopters and are proud to facilitate personal and authentic interaction among all open minded people on the internet! Feel free to tweet about it and let your audience know!