Leave video reactions on top of YouTube Videos inside Instagram

Is your main content on YouTube, but your audience is more engaged on Instagram?


Well, why don’t you just bring your carefully crafted masterpieces to the platform where the buzz happens! Share your YouTube content with Mosaeek in your Instagram Stories and get spontaneous video-replies from your favorite Influencers and your fans.


Boost your audience engagement using video-replies

Your fans follow each of your videos, ask you questions or share exiting thoughts among each other. But how come you nearly never see them? Give your fans a face and let them become a visible part of your experience.


Nothing is more vital for a community than a strong sense of belonging.

Collaborate with other influencers and grow your audiences together

As you know, working with other creators is one of the key drivers of building strong channels. And it has never been easier! Simply invite other creators and start co-creating interactive experiences on each others videos.


You will not only mutually grow your audiences, but also create completely new forms of interactive content!

Get discovered on Instagram by interacting on the content of other influencers

Have you seen the coolest feature yet? With each video-reply you leave on the Mosaeek Story of other creators, we display your Instagram profile publicly underneath it. So everyone who gets blown away by your comment, can instantly open your profile and start following you!


All you need to do is being the fun and engaging person you already are!

Group 78

And the cherry on top: each video-reply, that is being watched on top of your video, adds up to the watch time of your original YouTube content.

So what are you waiting for?

Get the best of both worlds! Send us a message and get interactive tomorrow!


For now, all you need to do is contact us directly via the whatsapp-button above and send us the YouTube video where you want to interact on. We will get back to you immediately and generate the interactive link for you! If you reach us from the U.S., the answer might take a few ours, because we do not use bots - it's us! 🙂

It's super simple. Once you receive the link to your Mosaeek interactive experience, you just need to share the link via "swipe-up" on your Instagram Stories.

Don't worry, the Mosaeek video URL never expires. You can still reshare it on your Instagram bio, website or wherever you would like to.

Your video, your rules. You are the one who decides which video-reply deserves to be on top of your content. To make it even more clear, everytime someone sends a video-reply, you will receive an email that allows you to accept or deny that reply before it is published.

Don't worry at all - it's easy. Just send a direct message on Instagram to @mosaeek.vid, tell us your name and we will process your request within 12 hours. All your data is stored under GDPR compliance at all times and will be deleted forever if you ask us to.

No, we are updating your profile information every 5 minutes. If you decide to make your Instagram profile private, then your non-public information will also be dissapearing from Mosaeek within 5 minutes at maximum.

For now it is, buddy!

Well, are you missing any? Great to hear! Feel free to come back to us and tell us what you need.

If you want to integrate any of your YouTube videos, you just need to share the link with us and we have the code for your website 1 minute later. If you would like to have your video hosted outside of YouTube, no problem. You can provide us the video and we will convert it into a Mosaeek experience.

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